About Us

Our proposition as a data agency:

A sensibly priced, no-nonsense approach to solving business issues

Running a business pulls you in many directions (we know, because we run one!) and unless you have domain expertise, it isn’t always obvious that there is opportunity to do better.  That’s why our consultancy services are a natural starting point for any engagement with a new client.

Our business was founded on core values, we live them every day, with every client (including ourselves).  They have been responsible for a string of successful projects and delighted clients, so they seem to be working for us.

Things we won’t do

  1. Make clients pay for “project management time” from “client relationship managers”, “project managers” or “account directors”.  We have domain experts that know their onions and can deal directly with our clients
  2. Give you a compromised solution so that we get a quick buck.  We have to be proud of our work
  3. Be greedy.  We will happily refer clients on to someone in our extensive network of partnership businesses if we feel we need to partner with someone to do your project justice (for example, in market research)
  4. Work with clients that are not committed to doing it properly.  Half measures don’t measure up.  “Good enough” is not good enough.

This list is conspicuous by being a list of things we won’t do.  The reason for this is that we learned how not to do while working with analytics agencies whilst client-side.  We felt confident that there was a better way to do business, and we were right.

If you feel similar frustrations, let’s talk.

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