What does Atom Insight do?

We are a Data & Marketing Analytics company… and that means… we take the gigabytes/terabytes of data and put it into sensible and easy to manage data structures so that it can deliver it’s full potential.  We use this data to enable companies to get closer to their customers and grow their business, cutting through data noise so that actions which drive changes in customer behaviour can be managed.

What can we do for you?

  • We have a collective 35 years of analytical experience in a variety of sectors and companies, which means we bring a wealth of knowledge and business acumen to the table.
  • We can add to your agencies capabilities, so that you can offer your clients more services and in turn they will come to you as their “go to” agency.
  • We can help you go for those bigger pitches, and add more “clout” to your proposals by enabling you to offer a more rounded proposition.
  • If we have a crossover in skillset and you have a rush of work, we can potentially provide an overflow so you can keep your clients satisfied.

Example; Email Marketing:


You are a Creative, Digital or PR agency and you have a client who sends a monthly email to their customer base.  For this client, your agency does the creative and/or the copy for the communication and every month you do one version for every distribution.


  • How are the open and click-through rates?
  • Do you want them to be better?
  • Is the client seeing a good return on investment (ROI)?
  • Are the clients’ customers happy?


Numerous times we have seen that segmenting the customer base can improve open and click-through rates, as well as having a knock on effect on brand satisfaction.  And that means…?

You’ll find that for the client’s email list there will be people with different levels of engagement in the emails and of differing importance to the business, so they should be talked to in different ways.  This means there should be different versions of the creative and copy! That means you get more work, your client gets a better return on investment and happier customers because they are not being sent emails disproportionate to their interest in the company.

What are we looking for in return?

  • An agency that can fill in gaps we have in our proposition.
  • An agency that will help us reach for those bigger pitches, by allowing us to offer a more complete service.
  • If there is a crossover in skillset, a potential outlet for overflow work.
  • The beauty to our geek.

What next?

If this is something you think can be of benefit to your company, then please get in touch.