Clash of the Titans

To a lot of people; a geek is a geek.

Say that to a certain flavour of geek though, and you’ll get the proud response “I’m not just a geek, I’m a web developer/analyst/MI manager/etc…”.  As with all walks of life, geeks (hereafter referred to as “our heroes”) are proud of their discipline.  Our heroes have spent a career learning the tricks of the trade, making the mistakes, learning from them, innovating and becoming the experts they are.

But, where do the distinctions break down?

Working on a recent project (summary of which; build an automated interface to access sales data on the Amazon Marketplace, bring it into the business’ data warehouse and build a reporting suite on top of it) it was necessary to combine the awesome power of our MI and Web Developer heroes.  The Amazon Marketplace comes with an API (Application Programming Interface) which is used to pragmatically access data.  The main problem with this interface however, is that it is a pig.  There is zero documentation for it and in order to make any sense of it you need to be an experienced C# or PHP programmer, not to mention having access to the software required to interface with a web service.

With the awsome power of our web developers C# programming skills, and our MI analysts SQL and reporting skills the client now has a “set and forget” automated reporting suite which interfaces directly with thier Amazon MArketplace data.