Superhero Media Spending

Here at Atom Insight we appreciate the benefits of a broad mix of marketing streams, reaching your customers with a number of different means can really improve their recollection of your brand when it comes time to choose a product or service.

However, we also understand that it is really important not to saturate the marketplace with your message, and how it can be detrimental to brand when the message is received by the same medium at the same time (with the exception of TV, bang it into their brains GoCompare!).

When this happens, not only are you risking turning off your prospective customers but you are also wasting precious marketing budget.

One example of this that we all seem to have experienced recently is the door drop.  You know the type of thing; buy double glazing for the whole house and get a free front door from Bob’s glazing, Take a test drive at Brian’s car showroom and receive a free work-out DVD, and of course all the pizza and curry menus you could ask for.

It’s these pizza menus that have popped up on our radar just recently.  One of the national pizza chains has been carrying out a pretty big marketing drive lately, men dressed up as superheroes by the side of the road have been seen by a number us here, and part of it seems to have been an attempt to get a bit clever with the use of door drops.  You see, we’ve seen 2 versions of their door drop, excellent! There’s some testing going on, which we absolutely believe in if you are going to be spending money on a regular basis.  The unfortunate thing was though that we saw these 2 drops come through the same door at the same time.  Oh dear.

Such a great shame.  This company, or the agency it had employed, had clearly gone to the effort of devising 2 creatives for its door drop programme, which one would hope they were planning on learning from.  Only problem was that their carefully laid plans had been blown out of the water by poor execution.

So the moral of the story here is much the same as the old DIY addage “Measure twice, cut once”; if you are going to the effort of planning your marketing out and crafting in test strategies, please, please make sure you implement them correctly!  If in doubt, we’re only an email or phone call away! (see our Marketing Analytics page for some of our thoughts)