Touchscreen is dead, welcome to the ThinkCap.

Whilst many companies have been playing catch-up to produce more sensitive touchscreens with a greater variety of recognised gestures, we have been quite literally putting our thinking caps on to come up with the next stage in computer interactions.  The ThinkCap takes the technology of measuring brainwave activity and combines it with retinal movements to “read your thoughts” taking away the need to use a keyboard and mouse or touchscreen.  Available at all good stockists for £39.95

April fools japes are a great tradition in this country & one we look forward too. It is also a good opportunity for large corporations to show a more human side & raise its brand awareness; however lots of companies aren’t able to find the time to partake in this hilarity, are they the April Fools?

Some companies see April fools pranks as a waste of time and resource when in actual fact they are a great opportunity to produce some linkbait for the website and drive more traffic, Marketing Heaven we hear you say, well yes, it is.

However if you find you are a company with not enough time or resource to share in this annual event and bring more potential customers to your company, you could probably do with streamlining some processes.  Contact us to find out how you could create the headlines in next year’s April Fools media frenzy!