Here at Atom Insight we’re taking part in the international month of Movember.  It’s the time of year for us to grow some spectacularly stupid facial hair and raise money for charity.  Tom, Ian, John and Duncan have all had the closest shave they’ve experienced in quite some time (its designer stuble, honest) and over the coming weeks will be sculpting their top lip caterpillars into the various forms “Boxcar” “Connoisseur” “Regent” “Rockstar” “Fu Manchu” and “Pencil”.  We’re all looking forward to the comedy effect this will have over the coming weeks, but are also particularly serious about the good work that comes out of the Movember Foundation and the need to raise awarenes of men’s health issues.  We’ve joined together with our clients at Master of Malt to form a team of Mo Brothers to increase our fund raising potential, if you’d like to contribute to this worthy cause we can be found here, click on the gold “donate to my team” button and you’ll be helping us to raise money for a very worthy cause!