Platform before project

So, you’re new into you role as Head of Planning/Director of Analytics/Database Marketing Manager/Director of Strategic Marketing/Etc…  What do you do first?

The temptation (believe me, I’ve been there) is to champion the knock-out, visionary, strategic analytic project.  You want to make your name by being the first in your role to (finally) deliver the strategic segmentation project, the lifetime value model, the event driven, targeted, DM Campaign.

But wait a second, isn’t that what the last guy set out to do?  And you’re better than him, right?

The first 30 days in any new role are important, and delivering a strategic plan at the end of it proves the calibre of your thinking and sets the scene for your tenure.  The question you have to ask yourself is this;  “what plan gives me the greatest chance of success at the end of year 1, and year 2?”.

It’s at this stage that the mature and strategically minded person digs into the reasons that the previous attempts to deliver these projects failed, and identifies weaknesses in the data platform.

At this point it seems so obvious, how would you stand any chance of delivering a complex analytic project if your data is in a mess?  How can you analyse data you can’t get hold of?  How do you propose to score your database with lifetime value if your business manages it’s data in spreadsheets?

Submitting a plan that first corrects the underlying issues with the data platform, then leverages the power of this platform to deliver projects will show that you are level-headed, that you look forward, anticipate the risks a project faces, and mitigates or removes them before committing significant resource to their delivery.

And it needn’t cost the earth…  Most businesses will have a server capable of virtualisation, and if they don’t, it’s not nearly as scary (or expensive) as it sounds.  Most people are put off by the concept of having a dedicated database server because they picture a monolith sitting in a basement rather than a virtual machine in an existing server.

We’ve surprised and delighted people with the speed and low cost with which we’ve managed to deliver a dedicated database, analysis tool set and reporting suite.

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