The lovely thing about PPC is that it is very measurable, easy to control, and is guaranteed to work.

A bold statement no?

But, as long as you understand the value of a ‘conversion’, whether it’s a brochure request, an online sale or a social interaction, your ad words budgets can be managed and your ads targeted such that you will never spend too much to achieve your goals.

Think of it like this; PPC is an auction.  As long as you know the value of the item you’re bidding on (in this case a click on a Google ad for a given keyword) you’ll never over-bid.

With the correct use of keyword analysis, competitor research, A/B testing, geo-targeting and day-parting you can outmanoeuvre the competition and take the avoid joining the masses in throwing all your budget at the same keywords.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, for businesses large and small, so if you would like help in making the most of the opportunity available in paid search marketing then please read more on our PPC page, or contact us.