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We’re seeing a bit of a trend lately, Google are releasing new and exciting features into their analytics provision at an astonishing rate.  Only the other day we were wowed by the development of real time analytics, and our clients were gob smacked too!  “I can see how many people are at the end of the check-out, right now?” they exclaimed, “Yes, yes you can” we replied, so very cool!  Every web
business should have a big screen on the wall with real time analytics ticking away.

You get a constantly updating overview of people on site right now (is my site up and running? Yes, it is, PHEW!):






A ticker showing the number of page views per minute and 15 seconds:




Active world locations right now:





Along with some other views which unfortunately I can’t show you screenshots for as they will give away the identity and content of our clients (and won’t very interesting at all if I mask the data….), but , they include, top referrers and campaigns active (did that Facebook ad I just started have an impact yet?) , top active pages (Are people in the checkout process? Are people hitting my new product that I just syndicated?).

But,it’s not only real time analytics that’s new! The latest addition is an extension of the web master tools into the main analytics interface.  Where before analytics told you the visitors to your site with no idea of whether this was a good conversion of the views in SEO listings, today you can see those click through rates all in the one interface.  Now you know how many impressions there were for keywords, how many clicks you received, what your average position was and what your click through rate was; all very useful stuff. (Am I competitive on the terms that I think are most important for me?)







For instance, one of our top keywords is “Scissors”…..  “Scissors?” I hear you cry, yes, scissors.  One of our older blog posts has used an image of scissors and wasn’t renamed to something benign before being used.  And, thanks to this small mistake, and an unhealthy worldwide interest in images of scissors we now have a staggering number of impressions for scissors in Google images, along with a pretty significant level of click through, they don’t do much when they visit us though!  We could remove the offending image name, but, you know what, we kind of like it that we rank on something truly bizarre!!  What we will be doing though is monitoring our important keywords more closely from now on to keep trying to push them up the page (we already did this, but like anyone, having the data in one place makes things much easier!).

So there we have it, in the last month or so Google have added 2 very useful features to their free web analytics package, nice of them huh?  Have you got a question for us?  If so drop us a line on our contact page.