Management Information

M.I. (Management Information/Management Intelligence), or B.I. (Business Information/Business Intelligence) is a core foundation for business growth.  Without access to information through management information systems, underpinned by well-structured data warehousing, powerful bi tools, and with added insights generated from business analytics, your business is at the bottom of the competence curve.

Management InformationWhat is Business Intelligence?  Without business intelligence tools it is not possible to measure success and identify trends, so those carefully crafted strategies are all for nothing!

MI Systems should have,

  • Properly defined user groups for security, relevance of content, and ease of distribution
  • Centralised administration and storage of data (single version of the truth)
  • Business Dashboard views with traffic lighting for immediate insight
  • Automated alerts, delivering urgent trends and key events to SMS and Email
  • Be flexible in layout and design so that end users can present data to suite their preference
  • Allow users to drill down from top level data into the grain

If you already have all of the above, then congratulations!  You have a system that tells you when there is something you should investigate, makes the key data available at a glance in a Business Dashboard, allows you to drill down into the data to answer the “whys” as well as the “whats”, allows you to easily share your findings with others in the business in a central environment and does all of this in an aesthetically pleasing way!

If this doesn’t describe you, then we must talk.  We have delivered these capabilities (we structure delivery on a road map, the more of these capabilities you adopt, the better.  It isn’t all or nothing) for businesses large and small, in retail, finance, aviation and many other business – all of which saw increases in efficiency and effectiveness of their business units immediately.

Some examples of the MI tools we regularly use for clients,

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio
  • Microsoft Sharepoint and PerformancePoint Server
  • SAS BI
  • Business Objects
  • Cognos Report Studio
  • And, of course, Microsft Excel

Please get in touch to discuss you requirements, and we can discuss your route map to enhanced capability.

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