Marketing Analytics

What is marketing analtyics?  Whether your focus is online marketing, market research, direct mail, b2b marketing, brand marketing, or any other channel or marketing vehicle, analysis of this activity will lead to efficiency gains.

Marketing AnalyticsOur analysts and marketing consultants have made this a reality for large and small business marketing teams, client side, as part of a marketing consultancy and in partnership with their existing marketing agencies.

Marketing analytics is the science of optimisation of marketing activity across all marketing campaigns and channels by applying change driven by measurement, analysis, modelling and testing to arrive at an optimal marketing strategy.

In short, spending less for better results…

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Solution areas include,

Marketing channel specific solutions

  • PPC Marketing

    Which 20% of your keywords generate 80% of your traffic?  Better still, which 15% generate 90% of your profit?  How does your PPC marketing impact other web marketing channels like SEO and PR?  Proper analysis of your spend and return, in combination with web analytics, will see your costs shrink and returns grow.

  • Direct marketing analytics

    How do people respond to your direct marketing?  How does you email marketing impact other direct marketing media? Which links do they click?  Which copy versions do people respond better to?  Do they all respond in the same way, or do some customer segments buck the trend?  Are there some segments that unsubscribe from your direct marketing if contacted too frequently?  A business’ customers are its greatest asset, and direct marketing leads directly to increased ROI.

  • Brand marketing analysis

    What was the impact of the outdoor advertising that you did in the London region?  How well did this work in conjunction with your online marketing campaign?  Statistical analysis, such as Econometric Modeling, can pick apart the complex web of marketing spend and determine the ROI by media type and channel.

Strategic marketing solutions

  • Lead generation

    Are you maximising the value of your greatest asset; your customer data? Are you abiding by the rules of permission marketing? Are you capturing customer data at all touch points to facilitate an on-going relationship?  This is one of the most important pieces of business analysis you will ever do.

  • Segmentation

    Do all of your customers buy the same product, in the same way, with the same long term profitability? Do your online customers behave differently to the customers that come into your shop? Should you treat them differently? The answer is likely to be yes to questions like these, and a customer segmentation, market segmentation or product segmentation (or all 3 working together) will make your marketing strategy customer centric, with campaigns bespoke to the attitudes and needs of your customer segments. See segmentation case study for more information.

  • Data warehousing & Management Information

    Is your marketing management team equipped with the information and tools required to manage their activity? It is as much the responsibility of the CMO or Marketing Director to ensure that data is effectively warehoused and is available for reporting as it is to ensure brand guidelines are being maintained. Without it, there is no way to be sure success is being achieved.

These examples scratch the surface of the opportunities available.  To discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch.

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