Marketing Strategy

Strategic PlanningWe love it when a plan comes together!  A coherent Marketing strategy, where all components play their part and work towards a common goal is the aim of the game, and something we can help you to achieve.

Marketing Strategy planning has changed recently with more ways reach your audience than ever before.  Over the past few years there has been more emphasis on social media and viral campaigns, and with the ever changing SEO rules and search engine advertising the opportunities are bountiful, but which are fruitful for your company?  Add to these newer technologies, the more traditional below the line communications methods of Direct Mail, Email, Door Drops and then there is above the line advertising, you’ve got a large compendium to contend with!

Knowing which combination and mix of these is right for your business is what we will help you to do, our consultants have helped small businesses to grow into medium enterprises and for large organisations to have an unfair competitive advantage.  This is done by their wide and varied business knowledge and from being skilled in Marketing Analytics to help you know what channels are driving sales for your company so you can concentrate on what works so you spend less to gain more.

If you want to discuss a Marketing Strategy for your company, or understand how what you are currently doing is affecting your business please contact us.