PPC (paid search marketing, ad words, pay per click marketing) is a marketing channel unlike most, in the levels of control available to the user, the amount of data provided on performance and the ease with which tests can be deployed and evaluated.

paid search marketing consultancyWe all know how profitable Google is, and 97% of that profit comes from PPC.  Paid search is very important to Google.  Without it, it’s nothing.  Accordingly, Google has more than just a passing interest in making it work for it’s customers.  As a result, Google makes the tools available to give the user enough control over budgets and targeting to make sure that paid search is cost effective for as many businesses as possible.

But, without specialist knowledge, it’s not easy to find the opportunities and make the changes to your account to maximise your return.  That’s where we, as a PPC agency, come in.

Our PPC services range from the very basic to the highly managed and closely targeted.  Picking from the list below, we can put together a basic package to ‘get you up and running’, right up to an account that we will target, manage the budgets for and work closely with you to maximise return,

  • Keyword analysis – finding the most important keywords for your business, and understanding the competitiveness of each
  • Competitor research – what are you competitors bidding on, and at what price?
  • Account setup – creating your adwords account, and setting up the budgets, campaigns, ad groups and ad versions
  • A/B testing – continually testing new ad versions for improved return on investment
  • Geo-targeting – testing the effectiveness of targeting your ads geographically
  • Day parting – testing the effectiveness of only showing your ads at particular times of the day

But, we’re more than just a PPC agency.  Using our specialist skills in MI (management information), marketing analytics and web analytics, we’ll help you to understand the effectiveness of your paid search marketing activity as compared to all the other ways in which you spend your budget, so you make the best decisions for the greatest return.

Whereas most agencies will charge an override, thus getting paid more the more you spend, we always structure our commercial arrangements so that our interests are aligned.  You will never pay us to advise you to spend more money unless it’s the right thing for you business to do.

Please contact us to discuss further.