SAS Base & Macro Programming

With the minimal investment in SAS software (base SAS with Graph and Stat licences) and a lot of programming skill and experience, almost any business challenge can be met.

That is, if you have the right skills…  We have created automated and efficient processes in SAS Base (using SAS Macros) for marketing data extraction, management information processes, web analytics and many more applications.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

When combined with Macro Programming, which create re-usable processes, automate processing and handle dynamic data, code-bases can be created which contain as much functionality as purpose built software.

Our experience in this field speaks for itself.  Our clients include multinational banks, insurers, retailers and leisure companies with profits in the £billions.  We have created Base SAS processes to handle reporting and MI, marketing campaign processes, marketing analytics and operational processing.

The end-to-end processes include ETL (Extract Transform Load), statistical analysis and graphical reporting,

  1. Accessing data
  2. Whether it be a (proc) import of MS Office files or flat text files, an ODBC connection to a DBMS, or a SAS Connect connection to a database, SAS Base code can be written to automate the process of bringing data into your project.

  3. Transforming and cleaning data
  4. Correctly choosing between SAS Datasteps and (proc) SQL makes a big difference and, if properly designed, SAS Base processes are an extremely efficient way to clean & normalise data and create data warehouse structures.

  5. Analysing data
  6. Choose wisely from the arsenal of SAS procedures available in the STAT licence package, and you can perform advanced statistical analysis including,

    – Linear and logistic regression analysis
    – Cluster analysis
    – Non-parametric analysis
    – ANOVA

  7. Presenting results
  8. Visually appealing, but also clear and concise, output is generated in SAS Stat procedures, as well as specifically designed SAS graph procedures.  These results can be compiled into a single report and directed into PDF, HTML & MS Office output

Please get in touch to discuss SAS Base consultancy services further.

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