SAS for Customer Experience Analytics (SfCEA or CXA) is the analytics product created by SAS based on the Speed-Trap web data collection system.  Currently used across the globe in finance, telecoms and retail sectors it delivers business driven views of the granular Speed-Trap event data collected from your website.

Using SfCEA allows you to not only deliver standard web analytics results, such as visits, traffic sources and goal achievement rates, but also understand how individuals (or groups of individuals) interacted with your site and, knowing this, forecast it against similar customers.

We have been involved in the selection, procurement, design, implementation and BAU stages of SfCEA projects for a number of clients.  Each of these phases have drawn on our varying skills in different ways but each has led to a successful project outcome.

Much of the SfCEA product draws on our knowledge of SAS Base, Enterprise Guide, Data Integration, and SAS BI as each of these tools are used in its makeup, however bespoke to SfCEA is the Speed-Trap system.  This requires knowledge of its setup, installation, collection server and normalisation server which, thanks to our experience working on client projects and during our time running these projects within organisations we have become expert in.

For more information on how we can help you with SfCEA please contact us.

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