SAS Data Integration

Whether you use SAS Base programs with Macros, SAS Enterprise Guide, or SAS DI (Data Integration) Studio, we have the skills, expertise and experience to deliver robust and automated ETL (Extract Transform Load) processes with status notifications and data QC (Quality Control).

We can work with whichever SAS solution you use, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements,

  • Base SAS and SAS Macro:  We have developed code bases that use SAS macros to create efficient, dynamic and re-useable business processes, with all of the features (process status monitoring, automating, scheduling, QC) of specially built ETL software, for the business critical processes of multinational companies.
  • Enterprise Guide:  We have developed process flows in Enterprise Guide, which break the ETL process down into manageable chunks, fully document the process and part of the process flow, and automatically send emails for errors and successful process completion.  These process flows handle millions of records of data and are a significant part of business critical processes for our clients.
  • SAS Data Integration Studio:  We have delivered full production quality bullet-proof processes which refresh data warehouses containing millions of customer records and transactions every 15 minutes using SAS Data Integration Studio.  This best-in-class technology combined with our top-of-class expertise is a recipe for success, we can tame your data.

For more information on using SAS for data integration (ETL) please contact us.

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