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What is web analytics? Web Analytics as a discipline is relatively new, relatively poorly understood and rarely implemented to achieve its real goal – to capture customer interaction with your web site and integrate that data into your analytic universe.

Web AnalyticsWeb Analytics is only now, slowly, becoming demystified.  We’ve been delivering web analysis solutions since Web Analytics was brand new, and as such have a broad experience as a web analytics consultancy in businesses large and small, using basic, free web analytics tools like Google Analytics up to advanced website analysis tools like SAS For Customer Experience Analytics (CXA).

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Our philosophy towards website analytics is to move as far from viewing web analytics as somehow “separate” as possible.

Our approach is straight forward, but requires the domain experience that it takes years to acquire.

Web data doesn’t need special treatment, and so, as such, our route map is comprised of services detailed elsewhere in this site,

  • Data Warehousing – Selecting the best web analytics software to capture the data required from your website and organise it into a data model for analysis and reporting
  • Management Information – Adhering to our M.I. guidelines for the organisation of web stats into web analytics reports
  • Marketing Analytics and Commercial & Pricing Analysis – Powerful tools for advanced analytics, unlocking the true value in your web data

Our identifiers for businesses that still have room to drive greater value from their web data are as follows,

  • Your data is not integrated – you can’t join customer purchase history onto your web data
  • Your Web Analytics tool is not the same as your chosen M.I. solution for all other business reporting
  • Your Web Analytics tool is a black box, you have no control over the data model and are unable to make changes to the data structure
  • Your Web Data is behind a brick wall.  Your powerful analytic tools are unable to do their good work against these valuable data

For web analytics consulting to help you to maximise the value from your existing web analytics tools, review web analytics vendors to grow your capabilities or create web analytics reports and analysis to generate value from your data, please contact us.

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