Our approach to providing solutions to business problems comes in 2 flavours,

  • Provision of tactical, ad-hoc data services
  • Structured, long term, strategic development of clients’ capabilities

For a full description of our approach to delivering strategic route maps to “best-in-class” capabilities, please take a look at our PDF document, Atom Insight Business Solution Bundles.

Our process is simple,

  1. Get to know you and your business, your requirements and ambitions, so that we can find your current position in our capability matrix.
  2. Deliver tactical data solutions to your immediate issues.
  3. Design and implement a route-map for achieving “best-in-class” capabilities across every “capability stage”.

Our capability matrix is a 3 x 3, 9-box matrix of “capability stage” (the things you are able to do) vs. “capability level” (how strong is your capability for each stage).

Each capability stage is constructed of several underlying core capabilities, as follows,Atom Insight Capability Matrix

  • Hindsight:  At this capability stage data is collected, organised and stored, is accessible and detailed BI (business intelligence) is available. You are able to know how you are doing, over time and cut by business dimensions.
    Capabilities; Data capture, data environment & BI (business intelligence)
  • Foresight:  At this capability stage you are able to create business forecasts, manage your business to solid objectives and to budgets based on these forecasts. You are bale to model the outcomes of decisions, the anticipated response through marketing channels and return on investment and can evaluate scenarios (what-if analysis).
    Capabilities; Forecasting & business modelling
  • Insight:  At this capability stage your business strategy is driven by data insight, your market and product range is segmented and resources are optimised to grow in such a way as to maximise your long term profitability.
    Capabilities; Segmentation & business optimisation

Each capability level is summarised as follows,

  • Basic: At this capability level most of the fundamental systems are in place, but there is a lot of manual processing. BI is not detailed or automated and a lot of ad-hoc analysis is required to answer business questions. Moving your business into the next capability level will be well within the 80:20 area of the diminishing returns curve (a little investment will make a big difference).
  • Competent: At this capability level the core processes are mostly automated and efficient, fundamental business requirements are met and there is capacity in your team to focus resource onto more advanced capabilities.
  • Best-in-class: At this capability level your business has significant competitive advantage in the strength of its data capabilities. Your marketing channels are optimised to maximise return on investment (ROI) across the entire marketing mix, your website offers promotions targeted at users’ behaviour and needs and every person in your business has the data they need to manage the business at their fingertips.

If there is no capability at any given capability stage, then it’s capability level is considered critical.

For more information, take a look at the hindsight, foresight and insight pages, or get in touch.

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