HindsightHindsight is all about looking behind you, which is a very positive thing.

How can you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been?  If you can’t tell how many of widget A you sold through channel Q for price £X over time, then the truth is that you are not in control of your business.

Our hindsight solution bundle includes,

  • Data capture:  The very foundation of a business with strong data capabilities, but so often overlooked.  An example of basic data capture is collecting marketing consent.  If you don’t capture this then you are either not marketing to your customer base (bad) or marketing to them illegally (worse).  An example of best-in-class data capture is advanced web analytics solutions that capture every single customer interaction (click, page load, mouse movement, etc…) with your site.
  • Data environment: Capturing data is so fundamental to a data-led business that we should consider it square zero!  Square 1 is having a data environment to store, organise and provide access to your precious resource.  An example of a basic data environment for a low data volume business is a Microsoft Access database with automated import routines and pre-canned views of the data for rapid reporting and data extraction.  A best-in-class example is a high performance (SAS, Teradata, Oracle, etc…) integrated data warehouse containing all of your business data with integrated, high performance, analytics.
  • BI (Business Intelligence):  Business Intelligence in the gateway to your data.  It’s more than tables and graphs, it’s the ability to answer your business questions.  A basic BI example is a collection of Excel spreadsheets with static graphs and tables that are updated automatically.  A best-in-class example is an interactive portal which gives the people in your business direct access to build their own reports (as well as view pre-defined reports) and answer their business questions.

Atom Insight Capability MatrixHindsight is the first of our capability stages, and is a prerequisite foundation for developing any other capabilities.  Without hindsight capabilities, it is not possible to develop

Depending  on the size of your business, the size of your budget, and your business priorities there is no single solution for providing hindsight capabilities.

To find out where you currently site in the capability matrix, and to plan your route map to achieving your target level of capability please get in touch with us.

For a full description of our approach to delivering strategic routemaps to “best-in-class” capabilities, please take a look at our PDF document, Atom Insight Business Solution Bundles.

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